Just memes, no code - Winners

4th October, 2023 · 2 minutes read.

Ok this is pretty straight forward we reviewed your memes. More than 130 entries! We had a lot of fun doing it and we realized that the meme quality was really good but there were a lot of submissions that had nothing to do with YAS and Lambda. This is why we decided to create two categories: Top Tier Memes and Bottom Tier Memes.

🎉 Top tier memes 🎉

These memes followed the rules but still found room for creativity. Congrats!

1. Junger0x - 🐐

Not only the meme is incredibly funny, but Junger0x has made an incredible contribution to foster the meme history of YAS. Goats will be part of the YAS family. Don't be Yet Another Sheep.

2. shu_bit_ - 🧙‍♂️

3. AbdulrahmanAdes - 🧞‍♂️

💩 Bottom tier memes 💩

Look guys, you guys are probably a bot so you won't even care. Basically these memes had nothing to do with our rules but they were so bad that ended up being funny.

1. bot1

I don’t even speak spanish lol (jk I actually do)

2. bot2

Well at least we can verify that you are not a bot. But dude... come on!

3. bot3

Sorry we don't speak 0111001001101111011000100110111101110100.

Honorable mentions

These are the memes that didn't make the cut but just like candy we got a smile out of them.


"The darkest moment of the night is just before Lambda Class" Good try ChatGPT 😉


The dude stole our meme. It hurts because to be honest... it's an improved version.


They are so good that they didn't even care to participate in the competition. By the way, check out hotnewcrypto's thread about YAS ❤️


He broke the rules, he coded instead of memeing.

In all honesty, thank everyone for participating. We are really happy with the level of participation we had and all the engagement from our community. We will be getting in touch with the Top Tier winners.